The winners of Inedit Open Tour held in Brașov were David Nicholas and the pair formed by Bogdan Apostol and Nicolae Frunză

David Ionel Nicholas won Inedit Open Tour after defeating Oleksii Krutykh (Ukraine) with the score of 7-5, 6-4.

“This was the first time I won such an important competition and I think these were the toughest matches I played this year. I did my best from the begining to the end of the competition. The most difficult game was the one in quarters. There were many spectators supporting us yesterday, but today, they were even more. They helped me a lot, especially when I fell and I wasn’t able to play as well as I usually do. The tournament was beautifully organized. I love Brașov and I felt amazing here. Every person was amazing, from the referees to the ball-boys” – said David Ionel Nicholas.

“When you realize that next to you there is such a talented, 16 years old boy like Nicholas, you know that it’s worth organizing such tournaments, where the sport’s complex can compete with any other in the world and there are so many spectators. At a time, on this street with the castle, out of 10 romanian athletes, 8 came from Brașov. The tournament was organized in an amazing way and many tennis-lovers came here gladly to see the competitors. Without our sponsor -Dr. Oetker Romania – Inedit goodies made from soya, nothing would have been possible, especially since the romanian legislation encourages and creates facilities for sport. When you have partners, who come and help you in organizing the event, it becomes something special. If there would be no such sports events, performance wouldn’t be kept and there would be no future development” – said the Director of Inedit Open Tour, Dumitru Hărădău.

The pair formed by Bogdan Ionut Apostol and Nicolae Frunză won Inedit Open Tour in Brașov, after defeating in the finals Cezar Crețu and Dan Alexandru Tomescu double with the score of 6-4, 6-2.

“It was a beautiful tournament, with difficult matches from the very beginning. We are extremely happy for our success because it is the first time we play together and we hope we’ll continue to do so. The opponents were in a great shape. It is one of our favourite tournament. Everything was very well organized, we felt like home every single time and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to win the individual competition”-declared the winners of doubles.

“It was the most balanced competition of this year’s tournaments held in Romania, all the participants from the main table were ranked in the ATP ranking. The number one favourite was Dragoș Dima, the second player of the Davis Cup national team. It was a successfull edition from the organizer’s point of view because out of 48 qualified athletes, 30 were romanian. On the main table, out of 32 players, 21 were romanian. This demonstrates that 50% of the competitors were romanian. This competition reached its goal because the majority pf the points were atributed to romanian athletes. This way, they can grow in ATP rankings and play in more important tournament cathegories. I want to thank all the sponsors. In the first place, to our main sponsor and partner Dr. Oetker, which practically organized the event, the Inedit Open Tour. Without any sponsors, it is impossible to organize national and international competitions. They are essential in the organization of these tours.
The organization of the tour, as always, was wonderful. Brașov is a city with tradition and past in hosting important sports events. The first competition held in Brașov was in 1995.We started with a challenger and it lasted for 19 years”- said George Cosac F.R. Tenis vice-president.

The Inedit Open Tour offers prizes valuing 15.000$, is part of ITF Pro Circuit competition timeline and it is held at Olimpia Sports Complex from Brașov.

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