The pair formed of Bogdan Apostol / Nicolae Frunza won the Inedit Open Tour from Brasov

The pair formed of Bogdan Ionut Apostol / Nicolae Frunza won the Inedit Open Tour from Brasov, after defeating in the final round, with a score of 6-4, 6-2, the pair formed of Cezar Crețu / Dan Alexandru Tomescu.

„It was a very nice tournament, with close matches still from the first round. We are very happy that we won this competition, because it is our first tournament, as a double team. Also, we hope to have a lot of tournaments like this. The opponents were very good prepared. It is clearly one of our favorite tournaments. Everything is very good organized, we felt like home every time when we came here and I am sorry that I didn’t win at singles”, said the winners.

The final round will be played on Sunday, at 11:00 am, between Lionel David Nicholas and Oleksii Krutykh (Ukraine).

“It was the most balanced competition organized in this circuit, this year in Romania. I am understanding that all the participants on the main panel are part in the ATP ranking. The number one favorite was Dragoș Dima, practically our second player in the Davis Cup national team. It was a very successful edition in terms of organizers because 30 of those 48 athletes that were present in the qualifications round, were from Romania. On the main table, 21 of those 32, were Romanians. This shows that over 50% of the players are Romanian. Basically, this competition has reached its purpose because most of the points came to the Romanian athletes. Therefore, they can promote to the ATP ranking and can move on to a new tournament category. I want to thank to all the sponsors. First of all, I want to thank to the main sponsor Dr. Oetker who organized also this tournament, Inedit Open Tour. Without sponsors it is practically impossible to organize a national competition, without talking about one like international. They are essentially in organizing these competitions. The organization of the tournament like every time was very good. Brasov is a city with tradition in organizing these kinds of competitions. The first competition organized in Brasov was in 1995 when I started with a challenger, which took place for 19 years, „said George Cosac, Vice President of F.R. Tennis

The Inedit Open Tour has prizes of $ 15,000 and is part of the ITF Pro Circuit competition calendar. This is played at the Olympia Sports Base in Brasov.

On the website of the tournament –, as well as on social media – the page, you will find news and information updated throughout the competition.

The official partner of the Inedit Open Tour from Brasov is Dr. Oetker Romania – Inedit soybean goodies, and the organizers of the tournament are CS Dinamo Brasov and the Romanian Tennis Federation.

The sponsors of the 2019 edition are: Dr. Oetker, Selgros, Mobexpert, Ropharma and the Brasov County Council. Media partners are:,,, Tvgroup iubim Brasovul and Brasov metropolitan. The promoter of the tournament is SCG-Smart Corporation Group.